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The first album reviews have appeared!

One, meticulously descriptive, on ProgArchives.com:


Another one, very accurate, on The Elite Extremophile:


It's the first time a reviewer links my music to Magma and Return To Forever (two of my desert island faves!)

New album "SIDE$HOW" is out now on Bandcamp (artist friendly) and other platforms!


Recorded live in a studio and on a Brooklyn soundstage, this album is a drastic departure from the computer-generated DUAL (2017) and Outside The Square (2018), which were meticulously assembled and edited, note by note.
SIDE$HOW is a release-after-tension affair.
Based on a simple ostinato, the eight variations are mostly improvised on the spot.
Economy of means at the service of musical interplay.


Louis de Mieulle/Matt Garstka - Cubic Rubes (Official Video)

Visuals: Dave Whyte

Matt Garstka: Rhythmic concepts, drums
Louis de Mieulle: Melodic content, electric bass, keyboards, editing
Jussi Reijonen: Guitar

Alex Syner: Mix. Rich Morales: Mastering.


Like the rest of the album, Cubic Rubes is based on Matt Garstka's drumming concepts and grooves. I almost "harmonized" the drum part by adding several melodies/layers on top of it. These melodies don't necessarily follow the 4/4 meter of Matt's part, thus creating another level of "displacement" - but technical terms should be avoided here, as they break the magic spell that is the musical language.

The video features the hypnotizing geometrical creations of Dave Whyte ( https://dribbble.com/beesandbombs ).

Cubic Rubes can be found on DUAL:





My old Parisian band SOUNDCHASER is reborn, under the name "MOONSÜÜN".

First EP "Distant Shores" - a 30-minute improv, stream on Soundcloud:


Debut album to be released this year.

First review of the new EP, courtesy of Dave Tremblay @Can This Even Be Called Music?

"This pair’s second collaboration, the sequel to the amazing Dual EP, is quite different. This time around, the two astoundingly creative musicians take progressive rock and jazz fusion into more synth-heavy territory. Without mentioning the overused “synthwave” tag, Outside the Square successfully demonstrates some sweet electro-jazz fusion not unlike Tigran Hamasyan (imagine him playing keyboards instead of grand piani). Each composition has interesting hidden meanings (read the liner notes!) and has been conjointly made by Matt and Louis, respectively taking care of rhythm and melody. Truly fabulous one!"

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