Louis de Mieulle


"Taurus Asleep" from Stars, Plants & Bugs.

Live at Rockwood Music Hall.Devin Collins (ds), SharpEye (fl), Renato Diz (kds), Louison (bs, comp)


Third and last video shot at The Breeding Ground last Fall.

SoundFrieze is from my first album "Defense Mechanisms" (2011).

At the time I was fascinated by numbers and economy of means. The whole track is based on a 4-note bass figure. I applied geometrical treatments to that figure (a bit like in a frieze). The drum part is decisive - without it the tune doesn't make sense at all, doesn't sound like a proper piece of pop music.

Critic Roger Trenwith wrote: "Is there such a thing as “math-jazz”? I’ve no idea, but it will have you tapping your toe and scratching your head at one and the same time.” 



Second video shot at The Breeding Ground in Bushwick.

Second track from "Stars, Plants & Bugs". 

"The Gemini constellation shines bright in the celestial vault, while Castor's song descends upon the Earth..."




I'm delighted to share the first of three videos shot at The Breeding Ground studio in Brooklyn.

Fourth track from the "Stars, Plants & Bugs" album, The Nanobot is an "underground shabby bar where parasites and outcasts (roaches, spiders, bedbugs, tapeworms...) drown their sorrow in cheap lichen liquor…” 

Louis de Mieulle - bass, composition
Matt Garstka - drums
SharpEye - flute
Casimir Liberski - keyboards

Recorded, mixed and edited at The Breeding Ground, Brooklyn by Tariq Khan and Nikki Birch.


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