Louis de Mieulle


I'm delighted to share the first of three videos shot at The Breeding Ground studio in Brooklyn.

Fourth track from the "Stars, Plants & Bugs" album, The Nanobot is an "underground shabby bar where parasites and outcasts (roaches, spiders, bedbugs, tapeworms...) drown their sorrow in cheap lichen liquor…” 

Louis de Mieulle - bass, composition
Matt Garstka - drums
SharpEye - flute
Casimir Liberski - keyboards

Recorded, mixed and edited at The Breeding Ground, Brooklyn by Tariq Khan and Nikki Birch.



 It is here! Available on iTunes (mp3) and CDBaby (FLAC - lossless)

Album Release, part 1: Rockwood Music Hall!

The band:

SharpEye: flute

Casimir Liberski: keyboards

Devin Collins: drums (subbing for Matt Garstka, who will fly to NYC for another release show mid-September)

Louison: bass




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