Louis de Mieulle


I've started mixing the new music at the Bunker Studio with the great Aaron Nevezie (who also recorded it). 

Last week I played for my friend Art Flem's first album release party, at the Boule Noire in Pigalle.

This is it! We've recorded the 10 pieces of music for my next album, scheduled for release next summer.

Engineer Aaron Nevezie was behind the board again, and my friend musicians gave life to these abstract ideas:

The first recording session for my next album will take place at the Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, from November 13th to 17th.

Matt Garstka will be on the drums once again, as will Casimir Liberski on keyboards. But this time I'm adding Tareq Rantisi on percussion and Sarpay Ozcagatay on flute. 


Track name: Portrait de Famille

Composed: 1999-2006

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