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For now it is out on Bandcamp only because they're very artist-friendly. Decadent streaming platforms next month.


OUTSIDE THE SQUARE is the second part of the Mieulle/Garstka collaboration. The twin of DUAL (2017).
Concept EP about the inner conflicts of a cyborg with artistic tendencies.
Retrofuturistic synth prog experiment.
Crypto-classical math fusion.

The new Louis de Mieulle/Matt Garstka collab EP is on its way!. "OUTSIDE THE SQUARE": the inner conflicts of an artist cyborg. Retrofuturistic synth prog experiment. Crypto-classical math fusion!

Three reviews of DUAL are out, one of them by long-time supporter Roger Trenwith, another one by Dave Tremblay, who runs the great website "Can this even be called Music?". The third one by Rebecca Rothschild from "Divide & Conquer".

"[...] a spidery, hypnotic beast that develops into strange textures and melodies. It is gratifying that amongst all the identikit fusion out there these days that someone is taking risks and forging new paths. If you have an ear for true progressive music, you need to hear this."

"[...] a truly impressionist and modern architecture."

"[...] construction and deconstruction of everything"

Bassist-composer LOUIS de MIEULLE and drummer MATT GARSTKA present their new collaborative effort: "DUAL" - an adventurous yet entertaining mix of math-rock grooves and neoclassical polyphony

"For entertainment and spiritual purposes"


My band played at the recent NUBLU JAZZ FEST in New York City. We were blessed with the presence of percussionist TAREQ RANTISI. He played on "STARS, PLANTS & BUGS" but is rarely in NYC due to a busy schedule.

Watch "Gemini #1" here: https://youtu.be/ebMQ7HjjmLg

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