Louis de Mieulle

Defense Mechanisms

Defense Mechanisms

by Louis de Mieulle

Released 11/11/11
Released 11/11/11
Louis de Mieulle: comp, bass, keyboards
Matt Garstka: drums
Casimir Liberski: piano, keyboards

Aaron Nevezie: recording and mixing (The Bunker Studio,BK)
Allan Tucker: mastering
Artwork: Michel Henricot, by courtesy
"Is there such a thing as “math-jazz”? I’ve no idea, but it will have you tapping your toe and scratching your head at one and the same time. An engaging and sometimes challenging, but always entertaining listen." (Roger Trenwith - DPRP)

"Strangely hypnotic and trance-like." (Jon Neudorf - Sea of Tranquility)

"Intelligent music with melody, emotions and a lot of feelings." (Philippe Vallin - Clair & Obscur)