Louis de Mieulle

Defense Mechanisms




Louis de Mieulle: Defense Mechanisms

"Defense Mechanisms" was my first release since I moved to the USA in 2008. Featuring Matt Garstka on drums and Casimir Liberski on keyboards. Recorded at the Bunker Studio (Williamsburg) by Aaron Nevezie, summer 2011.

Each one of these tunes has its own form - thus tells its own story. I'm fascinated by musical forms/structures. It's like writing a scenario. The absence of lyrics actually gives the composer more freedom.

Economy of means. I've always liked to start a tune with a simple, short rhythmic/melodic idea, and then developing/mutating it until the whole piece "makes sense". I like repetition and slow developments. Too many jazz musicians are afraid of repetition (and silence, but that's another story).

It seems my mind feels reassured by the formal "logic" of that music. This intellectual demand is thankfully counterbalanced by an extreme sensibility. You have no right to call my music "intellectual" or "cold". This could make me cry...!


[Detailed analysis of each track findable on my BLOG page] 


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