Louis de Mieulle



Matt Garstka

Drum hero. I met him at Berklee in 2009. He recorded "Defense Mechanisms" a little before joining Animals As Leaders. What he did on that album is beyond words. He also played on "Stars, Plants and Bugs" of course. I can't get enough of his creativity, hard work and good vibes!

Casimir Liberski

Belgian pianist extraordinaire who plays on my albums. I play on his albums, too.

Tareq Rantisi

High-level palestinian percussionist, extremely professional and reliable. 


New label through which I released "Stars, Plants and Bugs"

Nate Hook

21st Century Texas Tenor

Peyton Pleninger

21t Century Pennsylvania Tenor

Renato Diz

Unique Portuguese pianist who plays in my band. We also formed the EarPrints trio.

Sarpay "SharpEye" Ozcagatay

Turkish flutist who plays on my second album. I've never heard flute played like that. The ultimate combination of perfect technique and emotion.


My french jazz-groove-math band.

The Bunker Studio

Where I recorded "Defense Mechanisms" and "Stars, Plants and Bugs". Great studio, great people. It's getting bigger year after year.

Lulu Gainsbourg

French pianist/singer. I played the bass and sang in his band.