Louis de Mieulle


Defense Mechanisms

by Louis de Mieulle

Released 11/2011
Released 11/2011
Louis de Mieulle: compositions, Fender bass, some keyboards
Matt Garstka: drums
Casimir Liberski: piano, keyboards

Aaron Nevezie: recording and mixing (Bunker Studio,BK)
Allan Tucker: mastering
Artwork: Michel Henricot, by courtesy
"Is there such a thing as “math-jazz”? I’ve no idea, but it will have you tapping your toe and scratching your head at one and the same time. (...) An engaging and sometimes challenging, but always entertaining listen (...)"
(Roger Trenwith - DPRP)

"Strangely hypnotic and trance-like (...)"
(Jon Neudorf - Sea of Tranquility)

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