Louis de Mieulle




Formed in Paris in 2002, Soundchaser is my french band, and the first serious one I formed as a composer/bassist. I wrote all the music.

PHASE 1 (2002-2005):

Progressive jazz fusion quintet with horns (Alex TerrierMehdi Chaïb, Julien Molko). Also present: Augustin d'Assignies (Rhodes) and Antoine Fournier (drums). I met all these people at the American School of Modern Music in Paris. The music had a 70s flavour to it (grandeur + naiveté).

Albums: "Work in Progress" (demo,2002); "Chasin' the Sound" (unreleased, 2003).

PHASE 2 (2006-2008):

Mathy-jazz-groove-metal trio. A desire to move away from "jazz". Huge, huge Meshuggah influence.

Album: "Groovechaser" ([ikoz], 2006. Soon to be remastered and released digitally for the first time)

PHASE 3 (2009-):

Trip-groove-jam-ambient-psych? A desire to move away from through-composed math music. Long improvisations/spontaneous compositions. Use of space, repetition, and computer/sequences. No studio album to date - this music is meant to be played live in front of people (but never say never).

Below you'll find excerpts from "Groovechaser"(2006) and "Chasin' The Sound"(2003).