SID€SHOW 2 Release date announced

MAY 29th 2020 will see the birth of...


The follow-up to "Side$how" (2019). 
Freak-jazz reverie interpolating emotional counterpoints, ambient synth-hop, and disjointed dissonant riffs. 

Circus freak show featuring a tormented two-headed kid, a bellicose giant fly, and an adorable dwarf…

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"Cubic Rubes" Official Video

Louis de Mieulle/Matt Garstka - Cubic Rubes (Official Video)

Visuals: Dave Whyte

Matt Garstka: Rhythmic concepts, drums
Louis de Mieulle: Melodic content, electric bass, keyboards, editing
Jussi Reijonen: Guitar

Alex Syner: Mix. Rich Morales: Mastering.


Like the rest of the…

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Soundchaser reborn as Moonsüün

My old Parisian band SOUNDCHASER is reborn, under the name "MOONSÜÜN". Augustin d'Assignies (piano), Antoine Fournier (drums) and yours.

We started out in 2001 as a 70s-flavored electric jazz quintet with horns ("Chasin' The Sound", 2003, unreleased), then morphed into…

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"Outside The Square" EP video teasers

The new Louis de Mieulle/Matt Garstka collab EP is on its way!. "OUTSIDE THE SQUARE: the inner conflicts of an artist cyborg. Retrofuturistic synth prog experiment. Crypto-classical math fusion"

First reviews of DUAL

Reviews of DUAL, one of them by long-time supporter Roger Trenwith, another one by Dave Tremblay, who runs the great website "Can this even be called Music?". The third one by Rebecca Rothschild from "Divide & Conquer".

DUAL by Dave

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New EP "DUAL" released!

The collaborative project between Matt and I is finally out!

"Dual" is an adventurous set of through-composed tunes, mixing math-rock grooves and neoclassical polyphony.

Matt composed, developed and recorded (September '15 in Brooklyn) his drum concepts first. It involves polymeters…

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"Gemini #1" live at NUBLU JAZZ FEST

My band played at the recent NUBLU JAZZ FEST in New York City. We were blessed with the presence of percussionist TAREQ RANTISI. He played on "STARS, PLANTS & BUGS" but is rarely in NYC due to a busy schedule.

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