Art Flem Album release party

Last week I played for my friend Art Flem's first album release party, at the Boule Noire in Pigalle.

He's a rapper who loves music and musicians. That's why we had on stage a drummer, a bassist, a celtic harpist, a pianist, a guitarist, a flutist, in addition to backup singers and guest rappers.

Flem has been working on his album for months if not years. I had the pleasure to record some of the bass parts, right in my Bushwick room, and send them to him in Paris.

The guitarist (and producer of the album) was no less than Vieux Farka Touré, son of legend Ali Farka Touré

(The actual release of the album is in March - this was the first time Flem performed all these tunes on stage, and with the full band)

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