Defense Mechanisms - Track Analysis: 6/ The Ladybug and the Cockchafer


Track name: The ladybug and the Cockchafer

Composed: 2008


(The Ladybug, page 1 of 4)


The Title:

Original title was "The Taste of Filth - part 2". I changed it right before the mastering. The tune came out lighter, brighter than I expected, so I built that silly surrealistic insect plot. I wanted to use the cute word "hanneton", and it appeared the translation was "Cockchafer", which is more intriguing than cute really...


The Music:

It was actually written as a composition project for a Berklee class ("Thematic development in improvisation and composition", with Rick DiMuzio - great class by the way). Minimalistic bass; Theme and variations; Soulful organ solo; and a quote/recall from a previous tune (4.Skuld). The section after the bass solo is a compressed, counterpointed variation of the first piano melody.

This is the most accessible, least aggressive tune of the album. Light in mood and subject matter, I'm glad it found its place among these more serious, heavy tunes. Hopefully it shows that I don't take myself - and music - too seriously all the time. You know I love Canterbury Rock (Soft Machine, Hatfield and the North, National Health...), which is full of silly humor. 

Matt was kind of proud of his drum part on the very last section. Maybe I shouldn't reveal it, but he actually played 3 pedals with only two feet (!)


The Recording:

Bass + drums + Rhodes chords

Piano (Ladybug). Was written for Rhodes, but Cas convinced me to use the piano instead.

Organ (Cockchafer). I love Cas's solo - so epic!

Bass solo (Scarab). With Octave pedal, which wasn't perfectly set up: you can actually hear some tracking problems around the middle of the solo. But it was a first take, and you know, first takes are often special, even if not perfect; So we kept it.


Here's the MIDI version I did at Berklee in December 2008.


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