Defense Mechanisms - Track Analysis: 7/ The Taste of Filth

Track name: The Taste of Filth (le Goût de Crasse)

Composed: 2009


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The Title:

It's a rough translation of a french word play: "Le Goût de Crasse" ("Le Coup de Grâce" = final blow, death blow). Actually, Crasse is closer to Grime and Dirt, than Filth - which can also have an abstract meaning.

The quote I used in the liner notes is about selfishness and high self-esteem, because that tune is basically a succession of 3 big solos. Probably a criticism of some jazz soloists who just show off (voluntarily or not), without any sense of global form or interplay.


The Music:

Based on two syncopated hits, the opening riff gives way to a "Meshuggah tribute moment". Then the riff is displaced on the downbeat for the solo section - modal improvisations on two altered chords. The coda develops the Meshuggah riff by adding a pitch/melodic displacement (where the number of melodic notes does not equal the number of rhythmic notes).


The Recording

We put together different sections of two takes. For the bass solo, I re-recorded and also harmonized some of it.

Here's the other piano solo we didn't keep:


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