Defense Mechanisms - Track Analysis: 8/Portrait de Famille

Track name: Portrait de Famille

Composed: 1999-2006



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The Title:
Six members of a family, represented by six musical "miniatures". These have common traits, more or less. The piece is not based on my family - it could be anyone's. 
The original title was "La Dictature des Musiciens".
The Music:
Very different from the rest of the album, it's in fact six bits of music stuck together, each one lasting about 1:30 minutes.
It's kind of a heterogeneous patchwork, but the pieces still share certain elements (so I'm at peace with my oh so progressive conscience).
Here's a short commentary on each one of the six miniatures:
1/ Organ solo. Petite church. Nostalgic harmonies.
2/ Wurlitzer arpeggios. Fraudulent harmonies. Matt (drums) at his most restrained. Canterbury  feel?. The last figure in fourths was part of a tune ("Quintet #1") I wrote in 1999 when I was playing in the parisian band Eptalemys (featuring Julien Tardy, Frédéric Drouillard, Fabrice Dano and Stéphane Dano).
3/ Semi-surreal fuzz bass melody.
4/ Romantic jazz piano trio. Bass/piano dialog. "Seven is a jolly good time"!
5/ Polymetric electro funk. Ends with a self-deterioration.
6/ Mechanic, morbid counterpoint. Extracted from the opera I co-wrote in 2006, "Tres Para Una". Pseudo-twelve tone music. Featuring toy piano.
The Recording:
This was the first piece we recorded, on the first day. Because it's pretty simple to play, and the the instrumentation is very diverse - a good way to set up all the gear for the 5-day session.
Here's an alternate take of the 4th part (Jazz piano trio):

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