Art Flem Album release party

Last week I played for my friend Art Flem's first album release party, at the Boule Noire in Pigalle.

He's a rapper who loves music and musicians. That's why we had on stage a drummer, a bassist, a celtic harpist…

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Album recording session

This is it! We've recorded the 10 pieces of music for my next album, scheduled for release next summer.

Engineer Aaron Nevezie was behind the board again, and my friend musicians gave life to these abstract ideas:

Matt Garstka (drums…

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Second album is on its way!

The first recording session for my next album will take place at the Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, from November 13th to 17th.

Matt Garstka will be on the drums once again, as will Casimir Liberski on keyboards. But this time…

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The "Atomic Rabbit" is born!

Casimir Liberski's second album has been released, just a few months after the first one (the Caveless Wolf). Actually, these two are like twins - recorded during the same session at the Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY. Same line…

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"The Caveless Wolf" is out!

My friend Casimir Liberski has just released his first album, "The Caveless Wolf", featuring Jeff Witherell (drums), Andy Berman (guitar) and yours truly.

An impressive debut, very eclectic, ranging from jazz to epic rock, through modern classical and hip-hop grooves.

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Defense Mechanisms - Track Analysis: 5/ Soundfrieze

Track name: Soundfrieze


Composed: 2011



The Title:


(Architecture) A decorative horizontal band.

(Mathematics) frieze group is a mathematical concept to classify designs on two-dimensional surfaces which are repetitive in one direction, based on the symmetries in the pattern.

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Live in France with KESIENA

I had the pleasure and the honor to play a festival gig with my old friend Kesiena, nigerian singer extraordinaire. It was part of the "This is not Sum Festival" in Sèvres (near paris).

I used to play in his…

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Recording Casimir Liberski's first album

I had the pleasure to take part in the recording of Casimir Liberski's first official album, at the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn.

21 tracks, 2 hours+ of music, very eclectic......Watch out for the Caveless Wolf!

Line up: 

Casimir Liberski: piano, keyboards

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