Japan tour with Lulu GAINSBOURG

Last March we went to Japan with Lulu Gainsbourg to play a few gigs in Osaka and Tokyo, at the famous Billboard Live.

First time in Japan for me, and I fell in love with almost everything there...




My own…

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Defense Mechanisms - Track Analysis: 4/ Skuld

Track name: Skuld

Composed: 2003, revised 2009


(Skuld, page 1)


The Title:

Skuld is the name of one of the three Norns. The Norns are godesses from the kingdom of Asgard. Urda, Verdandi and Skuld, respectively decide the past, present…

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Defense Mechanisms - Track Analysis: 3/ Electric Cell Mutations

Track name: Electric Cells Mutations

Composed: 2010

(Electric Cell Mutations, page 1) (some annotations are missing)


The Title/The Music:

Some of the titles have no direct relation to the "Defense Mechanisms" concept. Let's say those tunes are just defense mechanisms

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Defense Mechanisms - Track Analysis: 2/ Scapegoat 2

Track name: SCAPEGOAT 2

Composed: 2009-2011

(Above: Scapegoat 2) (some annotations are missing)


The Title: 

Another "Scapegoat"? I guess I like the sound of that word... Note that this track is dedicated to both scapegoats and tormenters.


The Music

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Defense Mechanisms - Track Analysis: 1/ Scapegoat 1

Track name: SCAPEGOAT 1

Composed: 2010-2011

This is the first in a series of blog entries about each of Defense Mechanisms' nine tunes. I will talk about the titles, the compositions, and the recording process. Some of the "tricks" will…

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Defense Mechanisms - THE COVER ART


For the cover art, I wanted to use a surrealist/visionary painting. There was no way I would put my face on the front cover (even on the back cover), I guess because 1/ I'm…

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I have the pleasure to announce the release of my first solo album, "Defense Mechanisms"!

Written and produced by yours truly, it's my first official recording since I moved to the US in 2008, and the first ever under my…

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LULU GAINSBOURG's first tour of France, promoting his album "from Gainsbourg to Lulu" (Mercury)


(On stage in Saint-Lô, 12 nov 2011)

Lulu Gainsbourg's first tour ended last week. What an inspiring experience! Large venues, high-end gear and major-type promotion. We…

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Welcome to my new site!

Still under construction, it will be updated regularly, mostly in the BLOG section.