Album recording session

This is it! We've recorded the 10 pieces of music for my next album, scheduled for release next summer.

Engineer Aaron Nevezie was behind the board again, and my friend musicians gave life to these abstract ideas:

Matt Garstka (drums, of Animals as Leaders fame)

Casimir Liberski (piano, Rhodes, Minimoog, Hammond and Farfisa organs, Wurlitzer)

Sarpay Oczagatay (flute)

Tareq Rantisi (percussion)

The way I recorded my old P-bass is pretty unusual: I used a Fender Super Reverb guitar amp, like in the 60s! I also used a pick on 4 of the tunes. I should also mention that I switched to flatwound strings - which contributes even more to the vintage sound.

Mixing will start in early February (I'll be in France this winter).


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