Defense Mechanisms - Track Analysis: 2/ Scapegoat 2

Track name: SCAPEGOAT 2

Composed: 2009-2011

(Above: Scapegoat 2) (some annotations are missing)


The Title: 

Another "Scapegoat"? I guess I like the sound of that word... Note that this track is dedicated to both scapegoats and tormenters.


The Music

(you can find this track in the player on the left)

This tune is a premiere for me, because:

- it's the shortest I ever wrote (4:32). (The longest I wrote was about 20 minutes long - Soundchaser's "Tableau III"). I remember a time when I was getting very excited for longer tunes (meaning: too long for the radio format). Today I enjoy concison a lot more. 

- it's my first attempt at incorporating hip-hop into my music. I was even thinking about putting some rapping on it. In the end, it might be the most accessible tune on the album - kind of a single!


An example of my love for recycling: the chord progression of the chorus is the same as in Scapegoat 1 (albeit transposed one semitone higher).

As for Scapegoat 1, the whole piece is built around the original bass pattern, from which all the other parts are derived.

The form is a song form (verse/chorus/verse/chorus...)


The Recording:

One take was necessary for bass and drums. Then we added the piano (Cas), organ (Cas), Rhodes (me), and synth (me).

The synth used was a cute Yamaha CS-01 (pictured below, in front of a tape delay).


The organ was a vintage Hammond C3 with Leslie: