SOUNDFRIEZE video released!

Third and last video shot at The Breeding Ground last Fall.

SoundFrieze is from my first album "Defense Mechanisms" (2011).

At the time I was fascinated by numbers and economy of means. The whole track is based on a 4-note bass figure. I applied geometrical treatments to that figure (a bit like in a frieze). The drum part is decisive - without it the tune doesn't make sense at all, doesn't sound like a proper piece of pop music.

Critic Roger Trenwith wrote: "Is there such a thing as “math-jazz”? I’ve no idea, but it will have you tapping your toe and scratching your head at one and the same time.” 



Matt Garstka - drums

Casimir Liberski - keyboards

Louison - bass


Here's the original studio version of the track:

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