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Louis de Mieulle

SIDE$HOW = "An incidental diversion or spectacle in addition of the main entertainment (as of a circus)"

A sidestep from Louis' more serious musical experiments Loose and fun jam session between Brooklyn friends A sideshow's a great way to make easy money on the side! Bring your children!

BED OF NAIL$ = "Witness the Fakir's legendary coolness!"

This first Sideshow album features the "Bed of Nails" suite - a cosmic Nu Jazz journey where sonic spikes tickle your brain and body. Watch out for more Sideshow attractions in the near future!

NEW PROCE$$ = "Live musical Oddities!"

Recorded live in a studio and on a Brooklyn soundstage, this album is a drastic departure from the computer-generated DUAL (2017) and Outside The Square (2018), which were meticulously assembled and edited, note by note. SIDE$HOW is a release-after-tension affair. Based on a simple ostinato, the eight variations are mostly improvised on the spot. Economy of means at the service of musical interplay. credits released August 30, 2019

Sideshow Louis: bass, regurgitator Casimir Liberski: keyboards, chapeaugraphy Eitan Kenner: keyboards, human blockhead Doron Lev: drums (1-4, 6), fire breather Raphaël Pannier: drums (5, 7, 8), glass walking

Composed by Louis de Mieulle Mixed and mastered by Chris Krasnow Track 5, 7 and 8 recorded May 2018 at Wonderpark Studios (Brooklyn) by Chris Krasnow, assisted by Eva Lawitts Track 1-4, 6 recorded May 2018 at The Arc (Queens) by Roy Boukris, assisted by Ron Warburg. Fakir: Bobby Kooka Produced by Louis de Mieulle

"(...) a fun, upbeat collection of music." "(...) a constantly-engaging blend of ambitious instrumental progressive rock with many trappings of jazz. Touches of electronic genres and krautrock crop up throughout." (...) I am also not a fan of the current zeitgeist of jazzy, instrumental rock and metal epitomized by acts like Intervals, Plini, and Sithu Aye. So much of it just sounds like aimless, speedy noodling. Thank God this album avoids those pitfalls magnificently." [The Elite Extremophile]

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