Soundchaser was my French band, starting as a 70s jazz-rock-jam quintet, ending as a proto-djent-jazz trio. I wrote all the music and was pretty retentive at that time. 

-"Chasin' the Sound" (2003): Saint Seiya-inspired suite, Rhythm Studies, and an adaptation of Messiaen's Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps. 
-"Groovechaser" (2006, Ikoz): Three Tableaux of polymetered jazz-groove. Motif variations. Meshuggah influence - but in 2006, mind you. 

SC reformed as MOONSÜÜN in 2018. Minimal acoustic repetitive meditative improv.


Soundchaser - Groovechaser ([ikoz] 2006) 

Recorded and mixed by Michael Seminatore, June 2006 Paris. 

All music composed by Louis de Mieulle 

Louison de Mieulle: bass, voice
Antoine Fournier: drums, voice
Augustin d'Assignies: Rhodes, Pro-1, XP-10, FX, voice

1. Tableau I (13:40) [Intro/Couplet1-Refrain1-Solo1/Couplet2-Refrain2-Solo2/Outro1/Outro2]

2. Tableau II (12:50) [Intro/Refrain1-Couplet1/Refrain2-Couplet2/Refrain3-Couplet3/GGBridge/Solo/Outro]

3. Tableau III (16:55) [Intro/Jingle/Refrain1-Ascension1/Couplet1/Refrain2-Ascension2/Couplet2/Refrain3/Inversion/Descension/Outro1-Outro2]

SOUNDCHASER – Chasin’ the Sound (2003)

Recorded live in the studio by Romain Caillard, three days of June 2003 

Louis de Mieulle: bass
Antoine Fournier: drums 
Augustin d’Assignies: Rhodes, keyboards 
Alexandre Terrier: tenor sax 
Julien Molko: alto sax 

All compositions by Louis de Mieulle, except the 3 Messiaen, and a bit of Bartok's Mandarin ("Bridge of Bifröst")