Louis de Mieulle & Matt Garstka

DUAL: Having a double character or nature A notion of paired concepts that mirror one another Within every independent entity lies a part of its opposite Contrast between Set (disorder) and Osiris (order) Mind and Body, Consciousness and Matter, Soul and Body

All drum grooves and concepts developed by Matt Garstka and recorded first. All melodies and harmonies added by Louis de Mieulle afterwards. Drums edited accordingly. From the 25 minutes of recorded drums, about an hour of music was created. DUAL is the first part of that collaboration. Second part to be released Summer '18.

Matt Garstka: Rhythmic concepts, drums Louis de Mieulle: Melodic content, electric bass, keyboards, editing David Potaux-Razel, Aki Ishiguro, Jussi Reijonen: Guitars

Mixed by Alex Syner Mastered by Rich Morales at Super Fine Audio Produced by Louis de Mieulle

Artwork: Mark Pernice "Exit Right" ©all rights reserved

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