Soundchaser reborn as Moonsüün



One delicate cymbal, one bass note, one piano chord. Evolving slowly, at the speed of plants.
A musical triangle as unpredictable as Nature itself, yet soothing like Sea contemplation.
From timid sparks to ample flames, MoonSuun improvises sonic meditations.

In the footsteps of legendary Australian band The Necks, Moonsüün makes us lose track of time - to better finds ourselves.

Moonsüün is the new chapter of a 20 year-old collaboration between friends. The first phase was SOUNDCHASER (2002-2008)

Inspired by modal music and American minimalism, Augustin d'Assignies, Antoine Fournier and Louis de Mieulle offer an immersive experience beyond  traditional concert music. A collective meditation where sound is like air: a landscape both surrounding and filling.