SIDE$HOW is out! 

New album "SIDE$HOW" is out now on Bandcamp (artist friendly) and other platforms! SIDE$HOW
"An incidental diversion or spectacle in addition of the main entertainment (as of a circus)"

A sidestep from Louis' more serious musical experiments
Loose and fun jam session between Brooklyn friends
A sideshow's a great way to make easy money on the side! Bring your children!

"Witness the Fakir's legendary coolness!"

This first Sideshow…

"Cubic Rubes" Official Video 

Louis de Mieulle/Matt Garstka - Cubic Rubes (Official Video)

Visuals: Dave Whyte

Matt Garstka: Rhythmic concepts, drums
Louis de Mieulle: Melodic content, electric bass, keyboards, editing
Jussi Reijonen: Guitar

Alex Syner: Mix. Rich Morales: Mastering.


Like the rest of the album, Cubic Rubes is based on Matt Garstka's drumming concepts and grooves. I almost "harmonized" the drum part by adding several melodies/layers on top of it. These melodies don't necessarily follow the 4/4 meter of Matt's part…

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Soundchaser reborn as Moonsüün 

My old Parisian band SOUNDCHASER is reborn, under the name "MOONSÜÜN". Augustin d'Assignies (piano), Antoine Fournier (drums) and yours.

We started out in 2001 as a 70s-flavored electric jazz quintet with horns ("Chasin' The Sound", 2003, unreleased), then morphed into a math-jazz-groove trio ("Groovechaser", 2006, [ikoz]), to finally reach our current state: acoustic minimal improvisation.

The original influences were electric Miles Davis, then Meshuggah. Today it is The Necks and the American…

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OTS review @CTEBCM? 

First review of the new EP, courtesy of Dave Tremblay @Can This Even Be Called Music?


"This pair’s second collaboration, the sequel to the amazing Dual EP, is quite different. This time around, the two astoundingly creative musicians take progressive rock and jazz fusion into more synth-heavy territory. Without mentioning the overused “synthwave” tag, Outside the Square successfully demonstrates some sweet electro-jazz fusion not unlike Tigran Hamasyan (imagine him playing keyboards instead of grand…

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For now it is out on Bandcamp only because they're very artist-friendly. Decadent streaming platforms next month.

OUTSIDE THE SQUARE is the second part of the Mieulle/Garstka collaboration. The twin of DUAL (2017).
Concept EP about the inner conflicts of a cyborg with artistic tendencies.
Retrofuturistic synth prog experiment.
Crypto-classical math fusion.

All drum grooves and concepts developed by Matt Garstka and recorded first.
All melodies…

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"Outside The Square" EP video teasers 

The new Louis de Mieulle/Matt Garstka collab EP is on its way!. "OUTSIDE THE SQUARE: the inner conflicts of an artist cyborg. Retrofuturistic synth prog experiment. Crypto-classical math fusion"

First reviews of DUAL 

Reviews of DUAL, one of them by long-time supporter Roger Trenwith, another one by Dave Tremblay, who runs the great website "Can this even be called Music?". The third one by Rebecca Rothschild from "Divide & Conquer".

DUAL by Dave Tremblay - "Can this even be called Music?"

Bassist and composer Louis de Mieulle‘s album with drummer extraordinaire Matt Garstka is the underground modern jazz album you didn’t know you needed. Dual is based off of Matt’s beats – whether they are improvised or not is unknown…

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New EP "DUAL" released! 

The collaborative project between Matt and I is finally out!

"Dual" is an adventurous set of through-composed tunes, mixing math-rock grooves and neoclassical polyphony.

Matt composed, developed and recorded (September '15 in Brooklyn) his drum concepts first. It involves polymeters, equivalence, variations, etc... but I'd rather skip any technical explanation for now (it breaks the charm + bores most people (including myself! But I admit my younger self used to love that))

I then analyzed and organized…

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